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2024 with Gramma: Premades, new options, improved shop, & updated website

Happy New Year from Gramma & Dick to ALL!

Gramma and I have been hard at work improving and innovating our packers, play items, our website, and YOUR experience! Check out these exciting new and upcoming changes:

Premades and DICKscounted items

Gramma has been hard at work in the kitchen cooking up all kinds of sausages! She's been working on the website and online shop updating pics and specs, and has been making lots of extra sausages as a result. Keep your eye out for an INFLUX of beautifully pre-made packers to be added to the shop.

Check out our new and improved Pre-made Packer Shop page for your browsing convenience!

New roast: WELL DONE

Gramma is excited to announce a new color (aka roast) option for made-to-order packers: Well Done! This new color option is the darkest one yet with beautifully deep tones.

Updated Shop & Product Pages: prices, options, pics, and specs

You may have noticed some changes to our product pages and online shop:

STPs and Basic Packers no longer have a separate section or product page. Models that are compatible with STPs will now have an "STP" option to select in the Formula drop down menu when customizing your made-to-order packer. To order a basic single pour packer, select the "Basic" option in the Formula drop down menu when customizing your made-to-order packer.

For those of you on a budget: Basic packers can come with a fancy paint job. You can now live large on a budget with Gramma's Basic softened packers with an added realistic paint job! This option looks just like our higher end packers but includes a premium paint job with our new, supersoft basic formula! Some customers actually prefer our basic softened packers due to the cheaper prices, comfort, and higher durability than our F3OGs! It's all about personal preference.

Options and Prices have been updated and will automatically change as you make your selections for your customized made-to-order packer. Remember to select all mandatory options (the price doesn't update unless roast, formula, testes, and paint job options are all selected!).

Packer Pages are being renovated with up-to-date pics, specs, dimensions, and info! Play items are next! We are also updating our "how to choose a packer" page -- if you have any questions or ideas on what would help us help prosthetic shoppers make an informed decision, please send ideas and questions to us!

NEW Patch Your Packer webpage

We are currently working on a new-and-improved "How To Patch Your Packer" webpage with step-by-step instructions and how-to video. Wear and tear is to be expected


Gramma and I just want to take a moment to thank all our new and returning customers for all of the amazing support throughout the last year. We are excited to have surpassed 1000 orders since opening mid 2022 - Gramma's Sausages are GLOBAL!

If you've ordered from Gramma, please consider leaving a review if you haven't. Reviews can go a long way and are vital to the existence and growth of small businesses like ours.

Happy New Year, y'all!


-Dick & Gramma

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