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Gramma's Sausages genital prosthetics and gender-affirming packers

Gramma's Sausages, LLC is a trans-owned and family operated small and local business.

Gramma's favorite pastime is hand-sculpting and hand-painting packers.
She takes pride in each individual and unique handmade packer she makes.
Each packer is made for not only durability but realistic look and feel not found anywhere else.
Every packer is made my Gramma herself using her own unique and secret formulas and recipes!




Gramma's Sausages, LLC is a trans-owned, single-member LLC small startup business located in Louisville, KY. Gramma opened her doors and started slinging sausages mid 2022 and has already served over 500 satisfied customers all over the world.

"Gramma" the the alter-ego of the owner, Andrew Esterle. Andrew is a Scientist-turned-Prosthetic Engineer who's favorite past-time is developing new chemical and structural innovations for quality prosthetics

Each product is hand-sculptedhand-painted, by none other than Gramma herself. Only the best and safest materials, tested and certified as skin-safe by independent labs, are used to create these realistic looking and feeling quality prosthetics. Gramma's Specialty packers were engineered using various techniques Gramma learned in her college, graduate school, and lab work career along with her natural knack for artistry.

On the cusp of innovative science and groundbreaking art, Gramma's Sausages will provide you with prosthetics distinct from other packer companies, with a side of humor, created with a big helping of enthusiasm!

Each specialty packer takes around eight to twelve hours of work from start to finish and is quality inspected by at least two employees before arriving at your doorstep. No two packers are exactly the same - they are unique and functional works of art. A labor of love from Gramma to you.

Gramma's Sausages can be contacted using the contact form on the website
or by emailing You can also text or call ‪(502) 653-9293‬!

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Gramma's Frequently Asked Questions

Gramma is about the experience.
Gender euphoria? Most certainly.

Return Policy

Because of the unique and personalized style and function of Gramma's packers, she can not accept returns. If you have any issues with your product, send Gramma an email at and she will see what she can do to find a solution for you.

How do I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order before your order ships. There will be an option to cancel in the confirmation email you receive to your email when the order is placed. If you need any help or have any questions, email grammas.sausages@gmail.comOnce your order has shipped, the order can no longer be cancelled.

Is there discreet shipping? 

Gramma neatly packages your prosthetic like she would any fancy lunch - vacuum sealed for peak sausage freshness! 

Your order will arrive inside the shipped generic envelope or package from USPS addressed to you, from "Gramma Andrew". Gramma also includes a special hand-written personalized note! 

How long will my packer take to ship?

Depending on the current order volume, your order may take anywhere 8 weeks to ship. When your order ships you will receive an email notification with your package's USPS tracking information.

What goes into creating these products?

Each packer purchased from Gramma is unique - every single packer is individually hand-sculpted and hand-painted using her own secret recipes and proprietary formulas in conjunction with the best and safest materials to create a high quality and durable packer with an excellent and realistic feel.

No factory lines here - Gramma's sausages are functional and individual works of art.
​Gramma puts around 8-12 hours+ of love into each and every packer.

How long will my packer last?

At the moment, Gramma is still researching the life-expectancy of packers through daily use. Due to the softness and realistic feel of the products, they are prone to cosmetic wear-and-tear over time.

Who is Gramma and what is Gramma's Sausages?

Gramma's Sausages is a trans-owned single-member LLC located in Louisville, KY. "Gramma" is the alter-ego of the owner, Andrew Esterle: Scientist turned Artist who's favorite pastime is hand-sculpting and hand-painting packers and genital prosthetics.
Gramma takes pride in each individual and unique handmade packer she makes. Each packer is made for not only durability but realistic look and feel not found anywhere else. Every packer is made by Gramma herself using her own unique secret recipes and proprietary formulas!

Read more about Gramma and her company on our About page!

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