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thanks for the kind messages and support

Hey, everybody. Gramma here. I just wanted to thank everybody for your kind words. Everyone on Etsy who may or may not follow me. Yeah. Some of y'all be making my week. My month. I just received the kindest message this morning. And, you know, sometimes I have self-doubt. Like, a lot of times, you know, who doesn't have imposter syndrome?
This morning, like the nicest message, things like this has changed my life. Like, type of messages like that. That's why I do it. That's why I have this business. I'm not a business person at all. Like I'm a chemist. So I had a lot of doubts about being able to run a business and all that shit. Fear of failure and fear of success.
It's scary and unknown, but then I get reminded every once in a while. Actually a lot more than I expected. Like this is what I'm doing it for. I want to bring somebody, joy, even if it's for a small moment, you know? Life is hard and if someone can experience just a little bit of, like, extra comfort for even a fleeting moment, like, I feel like I've lived my purpose, you know?

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