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Gramma's November 2023 general update - shop, shipping, premades, pack n' plays, & new features soon

Dick reporting in with another update! I'm trying to be better about these - appreciate yall's patience.



We opened the new e-shop this month! So far it's gone pretty good, but with anything like this there's always going to be hiccups, bugs, and glitches. Let us know if you run into any issues!

If you haven't already, check out our new-and-improved online shop! It's much easier to see all the possible combinations of options, as well as accessing to pics and specs right there on the product page.

Along with our new shop we are now accepting payments through Klarna! There are many options for different payment plans (pay in three or four monthly installments) or paying in full like normal.

Klarna's checkout process is more in-depth than other less-secure payment processors. When checking out, please take the time to carefully read through each prompt, select the correct method of payment, and ensure all info is entered correctly. If a payment plan is selected, Klarna will do a soft credit check before approving/rejecting the payment plan. If you opt to pay in full, there will be no credit check and your payment will be processed immediately like normal.

We are now accepting payments and shipping internationally! If you are an international customer, please check out our recent update on international shipping which has some vital info to help avoid mistakes and delays when placing your order. Payment plans may be unavailable in certain countries.


Premades and DICKscount packers

Gramma is going to be putting up more premade packers for sale than ever before! Head over to our pre-mades & DICKscount section of our online shop for some great deals! These packers need a home - will you adopt a sausage?

Pre-made items are ready to ship and will be mailed within 72 hours of purchase. Just in time for the holidays! order your dick now to get it by DICKMAS!


New Pack n' Play model

Introducing the Cervelat:

We will be updating the product page soon with more pics, specs, and info but if you wanted to be an early bird, there are order slots available!


Coming Soon

Gramma and I have been hard at work improving the overall customer experience. Here's some projects I'm currently working on that you can expect to see very soon!

Return of the mobile app

Soon, you will be able to download our mobile app to browse the website and products as well as log into your Gramma's Sausages account to view past orders and access special features such as VIP programs, forums, exclusive deals, and more!

VIP program

We are rolling out a new program for our repeat customers where you can gain access to special features, early access, discounts, coupons, and more!


We will launch our new forum platform where we will post news, updates, and more! Join to participate in polls, as well as engage in the community and share your ideas and experiences!

Gramma's Sausages account

As many have requested, there will be a straight-forward Gramma's Sausages account you can sign up for for free so that all your orders, posts, history, and more will be stored in one easily accessible place for your convenience!


That's pretty much it for a general update. I'm going to try to make this at the very least a monthly thing. Make sure you're signed up to our email list at the bottom of this page to stay updated on news and updates from Gramma!

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! The best way to do so is by emailing or by filling out a contact form on the site.




Free Domestic Shipping over $150
Free reference paint job upgrade for May 2024
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