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Gramma's Sausages April 2023 Update & FAQs

A little about ourselves:

Andrew (aka Gramma) is a trans-masc ex-scientist-turned-prosthetics engineer and proud owner of Gramma’s Sausages!

Dick is Gramma’s cousin who is happy to provide support with customer service as well as managing the website and social media.

Gramma’s Sausages LLC is a trans-owned and family-operated business based out of Louisville, Kentucky. We provide gender-affirming prosthetics, packers, and play items for all!

A basic rundown of how packers are made: Gramma’s process starts with selecting real dick pics to which she hand-sculpts with basic clay. A mold is made from the sculpt, and then a proprietary structural process and secret formula to create the world’s finest designer dicks.

Custom orders and special requests: We are at maximum order capacity at the moment. Custom orders and special requests are currently on hold as our manufacturing process is streamlined. We are a brand new small business less than a year old so we’re still getting everything squared away. We hope to be able to continue taking more custom orders soon!

International shipping: We are working on solutions to resume international shipping through our website. There is currently no ETA, so for the time-being, international shipping is only available through our Etsy shop.

Changes are to be expected across our online shops as we streamline our manufacturing process and gauge our capacity for different types of orders. Unpredictable inventory and model availability is to be expected. Keep an eye out on our blog for more updates and info.

NEW PACKER MODEL COMING SOON! It will be an analogous cut version of the Kochwurst whose name will be announced very soon.

Merchandise will be available very soon! This includes hats, speedos, and packing underwear by Tranzwear!

Starting next month there will be a fixed number of orders we will be accepting. Orders will open on the first of each month and will remain open until the limits for each item are reached. You can sign up for email notifications through our website.


Can different models be made into STPs? Yes. In the future all models will be available for STPs. Due to order capacity STP orders are on hold. More updates will be posted on the website soon.

What’s the difference between Dual Density, F3, and F3+? See this video:

My packer is tearing - how can I repair it? Gramma recommends getting patch kit with your packer and fixing smaller tears as they happen over time before it turns into a larger rip. Another option is to use a product called Silpoxy which works great. Emisil also carries kits that contain silpoxy which works great.

When can I expect my order to ship? Made-to-order packers will ship within 8 weeks. Premade packers will ship in 1-3 days.

How long can I expect my packer to last? It depends on your use. Cosmetic tearing and wear-and-tear is to be expected. Patch smaller tears as they happen, and use packing underwear to make sure your packer lasts as long as possible. Take care of your dick!

Do you have plans for packing adhesive? Not at the moment. Some things we are focusing on include improving durability, floating testicles, and funnel-based STPs.

Is Dick’s name really Dick? Yes. Dick’s name is Richard. Since Dick is short for Richard, it would be insane for him to not go by Dick in this line of business.


Gramma is now on Trustpilot! If you have ordered from Gramma in the past, please take a moment to rate your experience! Customer Reviews are critical to our business andtruly help us out. We appreciate your support!


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