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Very Berry Blend

With raspberry, apple and beetroot

Morning Detox

With orange, turmeric and ginger

Want a Packer that passes the "Grab test?"

Gramma's Sausages stand at the forefront of the market for realistic feeling packers, with her  "formula 3" line renowned for its eerily realistic look and feel. Each packer is meticulously crafted using only the highest quality, skin-safe certified materials, ensuring that you as the customer experiences superior comfort -- that your weiner is fit for royalty. The texture, weight, and "squish" of Gramma's F3+ line closely mimics that of a cis penis, offering a lifelike feel that puts our Sausages in a league of their own. Granny's dedication to realism is a testament to the brand's mission to enhance the lives of trans masc and gender queer people by providing packers that not only meet their functional needs but also bolster their confidence and ease in various social situations.

The cutting-edge design of Gramma's packers is the brainchild of an ex scientist in molecular biology and chemistry, known as "Gramma Andrew," who leverages advanced chemistry and material sciences and anatomical knowledge to create products that are both innovative and practical. Every detail, from the layered inner core to the supple skin-like exterior, is carefully engineered to replicate the natural look and feel of a penis. This scientific approach ensures that each packer not only meets aesthetic standards but also passes the "grab test," making them ideal for many people and situations. By combining scientific precision with a deep understanding of the transgender community's needs, Gramma has earned its reputation as the gold standard in realistic packers, empowering the wearer to live more authentically and confidently.

Our F3+ line is the most realistic feeling bulge on the market as of May 2024. See below for a SUPER PROFESH diagram of our F3+ packers that Granny whipped up with her professional graphic design skillz. The shaft is 3 "densities," with the outer and center layers utilizing tougher silicone blends, with the middle "cream filling" using a tri-blend of silicones that are softer than most silicone gels, but harder than the super buttery silicones filling the scrotal volume.


FTM packer gender affirming genital prosthetics
F3+ is Gramma's Most cutting edge design, with:
  • A Tri-Density Shaft, passes "squeeze test" - First created of it's kind (and still the only packer with a 'corpus cavernosum' analogue as of Feb 2024). Just wait for the copy cats. ;)

  • Embedded Testes. Unlike many other companies, who have "floating testes" Embedded within liquid, we blended silicones into a "liquid feeling" solid, so if you bust a nut, just patch 'er up and get going! No uncomfortable oils leaking out of your scrotum!

  • A supersoft AND Nonstick Backing (soft silicone is generally tacky in feel; not this!). We have softened the silicone in both shore hardness and 'stick' -- No more cornstarch!

  • All reagents lab tested and certified for skin safety. <3 

Free Domestic Shipping over $150
Free reference paint job upgrade for May 2024
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