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Soft and Play Prosthetic Recipes

Quick Guide:

Granny briefly explains the 'feel'/recipes for each prosthetic.

Soft Packer (including STP) Recipes Visualized

Hard Packer Recipes Visualized

Pros/Cons Slideshow

Packers come in 3 recipes (sometimes referred to as "formulas"): Basic+, F3OG, and F3+.


Basic plus is a super soft single density (aka "single pour") packer


F3OG is dual density, and F3+ is tri density. Grannys most popular recipe is


F3+ is Gramma's best selling recipe, which has a "core," and is a big staple in making Gramma's Sausages unique. This line is the closest to a flaccid cis penis Granny ever felt (with skin safe, silicone only blends). 

[[STPs are essentially a "Basic" with a hole through the shaft and F3 Scrotum (plus or minus testes). The Spouti feels a bit like an "inner core," but harder than the F3+ core. Keep in mind that the Spouti being more rigid will make certain models stick out more than the other formulas]]

See below for diagrams (STPs included as a 'fourth' recipe)

Granny's Recipes:

Choose between Basic, STP, F3OG, F3+ as options for our made-to-order Luxury packers. 

Choosing your play item formula

Basic Packers



1. Unbeatable in Pricing. For a quality material, comfortable and realistic looking packer on the market, these are priced damn low! 
2. Aesthetics (come hand painted)
3. Comfortable/Soft 
1. Doesn't pass the "squeeze test." (someone bumping into it would likely not look at you sideways).
2. The larger scrotum'd models won't compress as much, causing larger bulges in certain models.
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