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 Understanding the four primary functions of a packer —creating an aesthetic bulge, feeling like a cis penis, enabling the ability to stand to pee in various settings, and facilitating intercourse—can ultimately help you decide on a packer of best fit.


Lets go through the four facets of packin' that are the most cared about among us transgenderdz (or GRANgenderdz). 

1. Aesthetics: Creating the Appearance of a Bulge

Achieving a masculine appearance can be quite involved (or not). One relatively unnoticeable detail (in Granny's opinion, though this could be due to her sexuality) is a small bulge in the pants.

This is where packers (and items that can serve as packers, like a sock) come into play. Aesthetically, packers manage to edit an almost imperceptible detail whilst significantly reducing gender dysphoria for many people.

Applies to: All of our packers. ISave a bit of money getting a basic packer. I do recommend checking out our bulge portfolio if you're super particular about the aesthetics of your bulge! 

2. Feeling Like a Cis Penis: Passing the Grab Test

Packers designed to feel realistic during touch address various concerns related to safety many of us have, but let's be real -- the feel aspect is one that Granny herself and many of her customers is unlike any other in the packer industry. These packers are actually the first time I understood what this "gender euphoria" is that the kids these days have been on about!! <3 

Colloquially Known (maybe in the olden/millennial days]  as "the grab test," Granny's F3+ line of packers pass with flying colors, offering a tactile sense of realism, with a heaping side of gender euphoria! 

By providing a lifelike feel, these home cooked goodies from Granny help bridge the gap between expectation and reality during...the entire duration you've got an F3+ packer on! Watch out, however. It's hard to resist grabbing your bits in public. Gramma is not liable for any issues with the law y'all may have. :P 

3. Standing to Pee 

 The ability to stand and pee (STP) is a function that some packers offer and by far one of the most sought after types of prosthetic weiners.  All STPs are designed with a hollow shaft that allows urine to flow through, either utilizing gravity and/or an external seal to the urethra (e.g. The Spouti).


Gramma's current STP line is paired with the STP brand Spouti inserted. After reading online that people were poking holes in their packers to get Spoutis through, Gramma decided to do this for you all, saving some hassle.

The Spouti is fully removeable, and if you prefer to use other products (e.g. the winkie), these STPs are quite versatile. Not only that, but you can remove the tubing altogether and wear them as a packer only. Ya know, those days you want to play games on your phone or ponder the meaning of life in the bathroom (many good ideas come about whilst sitting on the toilet, including the name of this company!).

Purchase of one of my STPs (with a Spouti) will get you a free webcam consult with the Spouti owner. Granny was completely hopeless without his consultations. Remember - everyone's anatomy is different and can make placing the cup in the best spot for a seal different for everyone. If you'd prefer to learn how to use it yourself, he's written some great articles here.

For more information on how to choose and use our STPs, click [here -- in progress!].

4. For Intercourse

Sexual health and fulfillment are important aspects of life for literally EVERYONE, regardless of gender. Packers designed for intercourse, often referred to as "Pack n' Plays," serve this purpose. These fantastic little (or GIGANTIC) devices are engineered to be used during sexual activity, providing both the visual and functional aspects of a penis.

Pack n' plays can drastically enhance our (and our partner's) sexual experiences. Gramma's sausages rely on the use of a harness to stabilize the prosthetic, and they're (per usual) constructed ensuring that sexual activity is both pleasurable and comfortable (for both the wearer and the person enjoying the ride). By providing the capability to engage in penetrative sex, play items are the most manufactured type of prosthesis (out of the three) worldwide, given that transness (or cis-ness) is not a pre-requisite to having a good sex life!

For more information on choosing between Pack n' Plays, click [here]. Video in Progress!.

Basic Packers



1. Unbeatable in Pricing for a comfortable and realistic looking packer on the market (Many other companies do not paint their basic packers; paint jobs only come w/ the more intricately constructed, and thus more expensive, items).
2. Aesthetics (come hand painted)
3. Comfortable/Soft
1. Doesn't embody the full "Gramma Experience" (In Gramma's opinion).
2. Does not feel quite as realistic - basics have a homogenous squish to them.
3. Exclusively meets the "aesthetics" function -- all Granny's other types meet 2 functions (e.g. aesthetics and one of the other previously listed functions).
Free Domestic Shipping over $150
Free reference paint job upgrade for May 2024
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