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Gramma's Frequently Asked Questions

Gramma is about the experience.
Gender euphoria? Most certainly.

Granny, there are so many damn options. Where do I start?

Thanks for asking. Personally I'd start here, but other people like to live large and go straight to the shop!

How long will it take my order to ship?

Customized/"made-to-order" items generally take around 8 weeks to ship (though many arrive sooner).

Pre-made packers, clothing items, and accessories generally ship 3-5 business days after placing an order

When your order ships you will receive an email notification with your package's tracking information.

How do I cancel my order?

Pre-made items may only be cancelled before the item has shipped. Pre-mades generally ship in 3-5 days, so email about cancelling your order as soon as possible.

Made-to-Order items may always be cancelled up to 14 days after purchase, or on a case-by-case basis after that window of time. Any order that has been already begun production cannot be cancelled.

If you need any help or have any questions about your order, email us at 

Where can I find the specs for the different models, and where can I learn more about the different options to choose from?

Check out packer specs here! Scroll down to the specs portion to see way too much info on each and every packer. This page will be updated with the latest specs and dimensions for each of the different models and explains the process of deciding on which options to select!

Oops - my packer ripped! What's the best way to repair it?

Cosmetic wear and tear over time is to be expected with our products. Gramma recommends her handy-dandy silpoxy-based Patch Kit!

You can check out the instructions and how-to video on our Patch your Packer page.

When will the item I want be back in stock? 
Slots for made-to-order items open on the first of each month. Order slots are first come, first serve, so keep a look-out!  The amount of order slots available depends on many factors including current order volume and available reagents and supplies.


Some models may not be available on occasion due to mold/sculpt maintenance or upgrades. Hit us up if there's something missing that you were looking for - Granny is trying her best, but she's not the best with technology. Luckily her weiner skills make up for that!

Is there discreet shipping?

Gramma neatly packages your prosthetic like she would any fancy lunch - vacuum sealed for peak sausage freshness! 

Your order will arrive inside the shipped generic envelope or box from USPS or UPS addressed to you, from "Gramma Andrew". Gramma also includes a special hand-written personalized note! 

What goes into creating these packers?

Each packer purchased from Gramma is unique - every single packer model was individually hand-sculpted, and each packer was hand cast and hand-painted using Gramma's secret recipes and proprietary formulas in conjunction with the best and safest materials to create a high quality packer with an soft and realistic feel. No factory lines here - Gramma's sausages are functional and individual works of art.

​Gramma puts around 8-12 hours+ of love into each and every packer. This is including the quality assurance and control process, as well as research and development into her most complex and innovative packer models on the market - known as the F3+ line. Having been a laboratory scientist for over a decade, she also dedicates her time off (#nerd) researching new and cutting edge advancements in elastomer specific material sciences and related fields.

How long will my packer last?

At the moment, Gramma is still researching the life-expectancy of packers through daily use. Due to the softness and realistic feel of the products, packers are prone to cosmetic wear-and-tear over time. We recommend picking up one of Gramma's Silpoxy-based patch kits from the shop to have on-hand for when your packer could use a patch!

Who is Gramma and what is Gramma's Sausages?

Gramma's Sausages is a trans-owned single-member LLC located in Louisville, KY. "Gramma" (she/her) is the alter-ego of the owner, Andrew Esterle: Scientist turned Artist who's favorite pastime is pioneering the world of gender affirming prosthetics, in conjunction with all the other awesome companies out there <3. We must all stand on the shoulders of giants, as progress is collective.

Gramma takes pride in each individual and unique handmade packer she makes. Each packer is made realistic look and feel not found anywhere else. Every packer is made by Gramma herself using her own unique secret recipes and proprietary formulas!

Read more about Gramma and the company on our About page!

Return Policy

Due to the intimate nature of our products, health & safety considerations, and because many items are customized/made-to-order we are not able to accept returns/exchanges for our products. We encourage you to make educated and confident purchases. Please contact us prior to purchase if you have any questions regarding your items. 

Ordering the wrong size or color of silicone products and/or clothing (underwear or harnesses), including items not living up to your expectations will not be a reason for us to accept a return for refund or exchange. 

Here's what DICKscreet shipping looks like!

Thank you
Free Domestic Shipping over $150
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