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Gramma's Sausages

Bust a nut? Patch your packer!

Don't fret over rips and tears:

Wear and tear over time is to be expected with Gramma's packers.

Patching your packer is part of the experience when it comes to caring for your prosthesis.


First, you'll need Gramma's Patch Kit! It comes with everything you need for the perfect patch job.

You can order one from the shop at any time.


How to patch your packer:

Supplies needed



  1. In a well-ventilated area, blot and wipe isopropyl alcohol onto area of packer needing patched and allow approximately one minute to evaporate.

  2. (Optional): If adding pigment, put a pea-sized bit of Sil Poxy into cup and mix in a dot of Silc Pig pigment and stir)

  3. Use your brush or spreading device to apply Sil Poxy and spread over area needing patched

  4. Allow to dry for at least 12 minutes, up to one hour.

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