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Gramma's new e-shop online - order slots open 11/15!

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

(wow this has been a long time coming)

Dick and Gramma have been hard at work taking everyone's ideas and suggestions to heart and designing a whole new shopping experience from the ground up.

Introducing Gramma's new and improved online storefront! We hope to make the whole process from choosing your sausage formula and model to placing and paying for your order easier for all.

The feature we're most excited for: We will now be accepting payments through Klarna! Klarna is a payment processing app with built-in reward programs and also allows customers to break up payments into payment plans so you don't have to put all the money down at once - Gramma knows those customizable options adds up quick :) We hope this will help these gourmet sausages remain accessible for all!

Some other features we're excited for:

  • product images, info, specs, and dimensions are now much more accessible

  • sign up for notifications when order slots for your desired sausage opens up

  • payment plans and other exciting new features through Klarna

In the meantime, limited order slots will remain open on our previous online storefront as we use this next week or so to make the transition to our new system which will officially launch on 11/15!

We appreciate everyone's patience and support. We are excited to continue to improve the customer experience as well as develop and prototype new formulas, models, and features that makes Gramma's Sausages the coolest and most unique packer and prosthetic company out there.

Gramma stays cookin' - we're just along for the ride.

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