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Add a NEW durability add-on for FREE in a made-to-order F3 or F3+!

Problem? Our packers have been prone to both superficial (and deep) tearing over time. We invented a less soft version of our packer to mitigate this, but in turn, Gramma felt she had abandoned Gramma’s original purpose - to make packers superfucking soft and enjoyable to the wearer. Gramma feels customers do not get the full Gramma experience with the previous ‘durable’ version of her packers.

Solution: DICKscontinued. Gramma relentlessly thought of solutions - that did not involve using harder silicone to reduce tensile and compressive capacity of Gramma’s packers. Gramma researched and created several prototypes, with the following (prototype) holding up the best!

The new “durable add-on” (available for addition in the Made-to-order packers’ “MISC” section, relies on an internal, flexible, mesh structure engineered to limit compressive and tensile stress and strain placed on the packer without sacrificing silicone softness. In the following image, Gramma illustrates how it works:

Above: Illustrated are both cross sections of the packer from the side and a zoomed in cross section of the silicone/mesh “sandwich” layering. The special ‘mesh’ is, just like *all other ingredients* used in Gramma’s Sausages, 100% skin safe.

Below are two images of the semi-translucent silicone exposing embedded durable mesh structure in Gramma's packers!

This special durable addition is available as a free add-on while it goes through Gramma’s rigorous quality testing. All Gramma asks is for feedback, particularly to those who have previously purchased a Granny’s sausage (all feedback is valuable, however!). While quality testing relies on empirical data, we value subjective experiences here at Gramma’s Sausages as well! Simply because - why have a stronger packer if its just not damn comfy as fuck?

To try this guy for yourself, purchase here, checking the box (imaged below) to get yourself the new and improved durability add-on:

Have a gender-euphoric week!



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