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How to pack with jockstraps & briefs (no adhesive)

Gramma here - in this video I show you how I personally like to pack with jockstraps and briefs (no adhesive)!

The cheapest (and most fun) option is to order a cheap jockstrap off the internet, then cut a hole so you can slide your packer right in. The scrotum will be held close to your body and the dick can flap away! The only con is this option can have more wear-and-ear on your prosthetic so use with caution.

The next option is boxer-briefs with the pocket sewn in. The waistband itself does a great job of holding your dick in place.

Gramma's favorite option is the jockstrap with built-in pocket. This is the best option for doing physical activity or even just for daily wear while still having a comfortable and realistic budge.


Gramma's Sausages creates hand-sculpted and hand-painted personalized packers and gender-affirming prosthetics - a safe and affordable alternative to surgery or for anyone in need of a packer.


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