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5. Grammas Seasonings

Finally, some misc. additions to your master(batory)piece!

Circumcision scar: Below is a pic of a circumcision scar. It's been referred to as a "brown ring stain" before by a customer (granny was tickled <3) and it is essentially the scarring that occurs as a result of circumcision. Obviously, this only applies to cut models. See the lower right pics for a lack of scar and lower left for the addition of one.


Remove Tab: The Tab is sometimes called a "flap," meaning a sort of 'sheet' looking part of the prosthetic that is sometimes used with adhesive to wear against the body. Many people find the tab to get in the way. Gramma is completely willing to make your sausage without a tab, and will charge you less money for choosing this option!

Prepatch: Granny has a reputation for supersoft products, but with that sometimes comes a propensity for the packer's outer silicone layer to be a bit...dainty. While we've made great strides over time with this (receiving significantly far less complaints in the last 6 months than in previous times!), Gramma loves to give you the option for a pre-patch. Basically, Gramma uses her own "patch kit" to patch areas that could be vulnerable to tearing. She also is able to deshine the patched area, with the goal of creating a packer than does not look pre-patched (as much as humanly possible), with all the extra tensile strength that patching gives! <3 If you like to pack using the 'hole in the jockstrap' method, let Gramma know, and she can make that spot extra sturdy too! 

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