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2. Pick A Recipe

Also known as "formula," the recipe is what gives your packer the "feel" you're looking for. Granna has 3 main formulas (not included STPs): Basic+, F3OG, and F3+. Each of these are simply a mixure of the following: Basic plus is a super soft single density (aka "single pour") packer, F3OG is dual density, and F3+ is tri density. Grannys most popular recipe is F3+, which has a "core," and is the closest to a cis penis Granny has been able to mix up (with silicone-only elastomers). All recipes are skin safe silicones of various hardnesses, painted with a pigment embedded outer silicone layers.


 Granny will ask if you want embedded testes in this portion of the selection, of which these are available in F3OG and F3+ formulas (the embedded balls in a single density would make it greater than 1 density!). Customers generally choose embedded testes, but if you prefer a SUPERFUCKINGSOFT squish, do not add these.

If you are unsure of which formula you'd prefer and would like to purchase a sample kit, click here. Sample price is refunded upon the purchase of any packer over $100 (so, almost all of them!). 

At the moment the samples are unpainted, and therefore the final texture (super soft, cozy exterior layering that is hard to describe; "velvety" is a word a customer has used to describe the final feel) won't be accessible via our sample kit....yet.

Scroll Down for packer diagrams.

Granny's Recipes:

Choose between Basic, STP, F3OG, F3+ as options for our made-to-order Luxury packers. 

FTM packer gender affirming genital prosthetics
F3+ is Gramma's Most cutting edge design, with:
  • A Tri-Density Shaft, passes "squeeze test" - First created of it's kind (and still the only packer with a 'corpus cavernosum' analogue as of Feb 2024). Just wait for the copy cats. ;)

  • Embedded Testes. Unlike many other companies, who have "floating testes" Embedded within liquid, we blended silicones into a "liquid feeling" solid, so if you bust a nut, just patch 'er up and get going! No uncomfortable oils leaking out of your scrotum!

  • A supersoft AND Nonstick Backing (soft silicone is generally tacky in feel; not this!). We have softened the silicone in both shore hardness and 'stick' -- No more cornstarch!

  • All reagents lab tested and certified for skin safety. <3 

Choosing your play item formula

Free Domestic Shipping over $150
Free reference paint job upgrade for May 2024
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