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Premades - Here's a DICKscription. All have a prepatched back which serves to increase durability for the most vulnerable spot to tearing. This has worked better than all Granny's durability methods, with the con being that it looks more hand made/imperfect.


A is a no tab F3+ testes. A minor imperfection on the top base of the weiner (visible in pic). It has a slightly different texture but doesn't compromise the durability. the feel is granny's classic soft with that satisfying inner core that our own junk has <3


B is a no tab F3+ testes. No imperfections. Same feel as A.


C is F3OG and outer shell has a slightly different texture than A/B, no imperfections, just an interesting experiment Granny did. One of a kind - the feel is this perfect squish with interesting backing texture (the tab is slightly harder silicone than granny's usual Soft AF, but easy to rip tabs). The front feels like perma-cornstarched, extra soft, a snack. HArd to describe. The elasticity feels perfect somehow. 


D is a regular ol' F3+ Testes, premade, just Granny made the wrong color for someone's order. No defects. Just love.


Hit us up with Questions! Ships ASAP

Premade F3/+ Metawursts! A left only!

PriceFrom $199.69
Excluding Sales Tax
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