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Gramma's newest packer! This is the first packer on the planet (that Gramma knows of as of Jan 2024) that is meant to mimic trans masc junk. 


Gramma came up with the idea after having some invasive questions asked by people in her life - at work, out of work, etc.  Gramma told these people that yes, she had had "the surgery."


Unbenknownst to them, she was talking about wisdom tooth extraction, not bottom surgery (nobody ever specified :P).


This bad boy is made for anyone wishing to have (or rather, idealize) metoidioplasty +scrotoplasty. Constructed as if optimal bottom growth and optimal surgical results had occurred, this special dude is for all the dreamers out there who do not wish to take financial and medical risks (or simply don't have the health/funds/bottom growth/etc currently).


This is our first "mini" packer available in f3+ / f3OG formulas, and it's quickly becoming a crowd favorite due to its reasonable price point and unique construction. Treat yourself to a metawurst, Gramma's favorite and go to packer as of Jan 2024. <3


PriceFrom $49.69
Excluding Sales Tax
Roast (color)
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