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Choosing a Model

The simplest way to narrow the packer model of best fit is to pick a general size first, then a shape. Although there is contradictory literature sometimes documenting a correlation between dick size and height, one of the most frequently asked questions when choosing a model is, "I'm a <insert vertical size/ height here> person who is <describe width, weight, etc here>. Which packer would look the most natural?"

Answer: It really depends. If you would like to make this simple, the googles seem to indicate that a pretty middle of the barrel, ballpark measurement is 3.5" x 3.5" (L x g). If you want something around that value, check these guys out:

Liverwurst Cut = 3.4 x 4.0"

Liverwurst Uncut = 3.5 x 4.25"

If you'd like to make this less simple, we've done some weiner math for funzies to help those of you who are very specific about dick to height proportions.

say that the length of a flaccid penis can vary significantly between individuals and is not strictly determined by girth alone. Flaccid penis length typically ranges from about 2 to 4 inches (5 to 10 centimeters) on average, but there is considerable variability. Girth, which refers to the circumference or thickness of the penis, also varies independently of length, but appears to be similar in value to the length.


To start, the Average weiner size has been shown to be quite variable (check out your T dick for reference -- our junk changes size based on way too many factors to state also!), but we'll use information from a review article: The average flaccid weiner size [for American males] is around 3.6 x 3.7 (L x g), with the average [American] male height being 5'9. Since it's biology and there's a lot of interesting variations that can occur, choosing a weiner based on averages isn't necessary, but if you are simply looking for a ball park "I would like to fit in" weiner, 


 Here's a pic with a representative sausages from each size group. These are divided by bulge size, taking into account shaft length/girth along with scrotal volume and bulge depth

Average Weiner Size

The average weiner size for cisgender men is shown to be around 3.6" flaccid in length by 3.6" circumference. We get a lot of questions related to height and what size of packer to get. Research appears contradictory on whether penis size (especially flaccid) has any correlation with height, but Granny likes math, so she did some proportions to calculate a theoretical average per height. (Note: Length and circumference seem to be nearly equal in adult males, so just assume the calculated girth and length are equivalent!


The Table (left) shows height (feet, inches) vs flaccid length (inches) of a weiner that an AMAB of x height would theoretically have if using basic proportions. This was calculated like so: the average American male is 5'9 with a 3.6" weiner, therefore a male of 5' even would have a 3.1 x 3.1 (Length x girth) penis. This is obviously making a lot of assumptions that don't necessarily reflect real life, but this can be used as a rough guide if you're not sure where to start.

List of Shafts (Length x Average Circumference)

Beanie Weenie = 2.1 x 2.5"

Vienna = ~2.5 (almost!) x 2.75" 

Metawurst = 2.5" x 3"

BRUH (cut) = 2.25 x 3.5"

Basics of Model Choice







((XXXtra Hung))



  • Mini is significantly smaller than the average flaccid penis, but moreso in girth than length. People who choose this size are generally packing stealth (e.g. pre-t and not out yet, etc) or not binary identified and simply packing for the sensory and/or confidence aspect.  Included in this category are the Vienna, the Beanie Weenie, Pictured Below:

  • ​Modest is the next size up.  This increase in bulge depth and sausage girth puts this group into the adult male range, but may be the bulge of choice for smaller individuals. These bulges will certainly be noticeable in tight af pants, but are generally obscured in most pants (like a regular ol' bulge). These models are, in Gramma’s opinion, the best of all worlds. 

Included in this grouping are the Metawurst, BRUHwurst (cut and uncut), Knobelwurst, and KOCHwurst. 

  • ​Average models are significantly larger than the modest grouping, although you will feel it more than others will notice. You can often switch between modest and average sized bulges without anyone really noticing, but if you’ve packed before especially and you want a regular ol’ bulge, pick a guy in this group. If you're new to packing, Granny recommends something a bit smaller, but you don't always have to listen to Gramma. ;)

Included in this grouping are the Andoilini, Andoillette, Hungarian Kolbasz (aka "Kolby"), Liverwurst Cut, and the Liverwurst Uncut.

  • "Hung" bulges are significantly above the average bulge size. That being said, these guys all have the ability to look ‘normal’ depending on the person, the clothing, etc. I'd generally recommend this for bigger guys, but Granny isn't super big herself and sported a Sally for a good year here. :P

Included in this grouping are Big Scrotum Sally (aka "Big Sal" or "Sal"), the Chorizo (sometimes known as "Charlie"), the Frankfurter (aka "Frank"), and the Oscar Minor (aka "Oscar").

If you want a big scrote, pick Big Sal (she’s around 4” long, but is girthy and has a big, beautiful scrotum) or the Chorizo (he is actually around average shaft length, but has a scrote around Sal’s size as well, sort of the “uncut” Sal of the group). If you want a longer shaft and less scroteage, pick Frank. If you want something a bit above average (but too big to fit into the “average” group, pick Oscar. 

  • XXXTRA HUNG (The Brot)

This guy gets his own group and is fucking HUNG. It’s humanly possible to have a bulge of this magnitude, but exceedingly rare. This guy is for people who like to pack a punch or add a couple pounds when they go to the doctor! 

Modest Sausages

Sausage Specs

View specific specs and dimensions for all packer models

Vienna FTM packer specs and dimensions
Beanie Weenie FTM packer specs and dimensions
Metawurst FTM packer specs and dimensions
bruhwurst FTM packer specs and dimensions
BRUHwurst UNCUT FTM packer specs and dimensions
knobelwurst FTM packer specs and dimensions
liverwurst FTM packer specs and dimensions
FTM packer specs and dimensions
kochwurst FTM packer specs and dimensions
liverwurst uncut FTM packer specs and dimensions
andoilini FTM packer specs and dimensions
KOLBY FTM packer specs and dimensions
oscar minor FTM packer specs and dimensions
chorizo FTM packer specs and dimensions
big scrotum sally FTM packer specs and dimensions
frankfurtor FTM packer specs and dimensions
brotwurst FTM packer specs and dimensions

Packer Bulge Gallery

Each Picture will (in the future, work in progress) be linked to another, more in depth page with many different customers of all skin tones, body types, clothing types wearing each packer. If you'd like to submit packing pics for a DICKScount code, please email If we use your pics, you will get a DICKScount code, amount being dependent on number of packers, photo quality, etc. The DICKScount can range anywhere from 10% to a free packer!

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