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A is a Dark Roast Metawurst, No Defects

B is a Mid Roast Metawurst, No defects

C is a Mid Roast Uncut BRUH - No Defects

D is a Dark Roast Uncut BRUH (original Sculpt!) - Silicone "drizzle over part of prosthetic -pictured

E is softer than the normal basic softened but came out...a bit strange looking (see pix)

F is a KOCHwurst dark w/ painting (for our DICKSplay)

G is a BRUH Uncut with a defect on the urethra (see pic)

H is another BRUH Uncut Supersoft that came out funny lookin'

I is a Knobelwurst that came out with a few imperfections

J is a BRUH cut that was a DICKsplay dick 

K is a Kolby Well Done that was on DICKSplay

L is an Andoillette Dark for DICKsplay

M is an Uncut Liverwurst that is not Granny's best work (too much blue, dickscount)

N is an Oscar Dark with No tab

O is a Mid painted BRot, No tab 

P is an unpainted well done Brot, No Tab 

Q is a DICKScounted Cervelot (too saturated Light Paint - see pics)


Basics (Softened) - Ships ASAP! A, L ,N left only!!

PriceFrom $19.69
Excluding Sales Tax
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