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Gramma's Make-over: Exciting changes to website and shop coming soon!

You heard it here first, folks - exciting changes and new features are coming very soon here on!

Starting in a few weeks, we will begin rolling out changes! Here's what you can expect:

NEW and IMPROVED online shop

Products and options will be streamlined so it will be much easier to understand what you're ordering!

Payment plans will be available through Klarna

We are excited to be partnering with Klarna! You can use Klarna's Pay-in-3 and Pay-in-4 payment programs to make purchasing your packer a little bit easier on your bank account!

Rotating models

Gramma has so many different models she doesn't know what to do, other than start rotating availability of some models from month to month. Don't fret - if you don't see your favorite, check back soon to witness their return!

Better webpages with more updates

There's a lot of science that goes into Gramma's Sausages, and a lot information to learn about each specific model in order for Gramma's customers to make informed decisions about their orders. Improved info-guides, specifications, images, and videos will be more clear and easily accessible and understandable for all!

News and updates will also be more regularly and clearly communicated so all y'all can stay in the loop!

International Shipping is coming... (probably)

Solutions for international shipping has been a struggle for us over the last year or so, but hopefully with our migration to the new e-commerce platform and payment processor, these issues will be in the past! We intend to test the waters country-by-country at first, but eventually hope to be able to ship to as many countries as possible. It looks like we will be able to accept different currencies and payment methods as well, but stay tuned for another update once we have more information. (If you'd be willing to be our international shipping guinea pig, please shoot us an email at

... and more!

Stay tuned for more updates! Make sure you're subscribed to our email sign-up to receive email notifications by entering your info into the form at the bottom of the page.


You can expect to start seeing these changes begin to roll out starting the first of October. Make sure you're subscribed to our email updates to stay in the loop! There will be more updates about what to expect soon.

Gramma and I are really excited for the future of Gramma's Sausages! Keep your eyes out for good things to come very soon. Thanks to everyone for their continued support!


Dick n' Gramma

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