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Gramma's Q&A Frequently Asked Questions

You asked for it, and she delivers! Check out Gramma's Q&A videos where Andy (aka Gramma) answers questions submitted by email, website, and social media.


Q: Is the durability layer still available?

A: Yes, the website has been updated to make the option clear

Q: Does Gramma do custom packers based on photos?

A: Yes! It's now an option during checkout under "Customize Your Packer"!

Q: Do you plan to make a smaller version of the Brotwurst?

A: Probably in the future, but for now, check out The Italian!

Q: Is there a smaller pack n' play than the Currywurst?

A: Yes! Check out The Boyfriend and the Laulau.

Q: Can you do different angles or "mugshots" of the packers?

A: Yes! Gramma is currently working on an improved gallery with better packer pics.

Q: Where does the STP come out relative to the urethra?

A: Slightly above. In-depth STP tutorials coming soon to Gramma's upcoming OnlyFans!

Q: Is the STP Packer compatible with The Winky?

A: Mostly, but you can specify in your order notes if you want a slightly larger urethra for your packer.

Q: Will there be an option for retractable foreskin?

A: There are no current plans for retractable foreskin.

Q: Will there be an option for hollow balls/scrotum?

A: Not in the future. It would likely cause problems with tearing.

Q: Will there ever be more options for basic packers such as paint job, packer only/no balls, etc?

A: Yes, in the very near future. Keep your eyes on the website.

Q: Will there ever be a pack n' play "squirt" edition?

A: Maybe in the future but there are no current plans.

Q: Will there ever be a packer sized between the Vienna and Andoilette?

A: The Andoileenie was supposed to be but ended up the same size. There will be a new model in the foreseeable future so keep your eyes on the website.

Q: Can you compare the Vienna and the Andoilette?

Q: Can you please do an overall size comparison of all the current packers?

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