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What is a packer?What is packing?

"Packing" is a term commonly used in the transmasculine community to refer to the practice of wearing a prosthetic device or garment in the genital area to create the appearance of having a penis under one's clothing (i.e. "Bulge).

Packing devices, often called packers, are typically made from soft materials such as silicone and come in various sizes, shapes, and colors to suit individual preferences. Some packers are designed to be attached to the body using specialized underwear, harnesses, or adhesives, while others are placed free in the underwear or a pocket to simulate the appearance of a bulge.

For reference, packing is not only limited to transgender individuals and can be practiced as a personal choice for anyone who wishes to enhance their pre-existing bulge, crossdress, enjoy "gender euphoria," or for any reason ya damn want!

 Packers are one of many tools available to help affirm one's gender, feel more comfortable in one's own body, or just enjoy owning a prosthetic penis/packer for any reason.


[It is important to note that transgender experiences and preferences can vary greatly, so not all transgender individuals may engage in or desire packing.]

Packer Options and Sizing


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