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Gramma highly recommends her Silpoxy-based patch kit when it comes to patchin' packers.


How To Patch Your Packer with Gramma's Patch Kit



  • 1/2 Oz tube (reusable!) of single component, fast cure adhesive (1 count, aka “sil-poxy”) - cures within 12 min 
  • disposable spreading apparatuses - larger spreaders (x2) and for detailing (x3)
  • iso-propyl alcohol cleaning pads
  • hanging clip for your prosthetic
  • Reusable mesh zip storage container


Gramma is thrilled to announce that we are now offering a brand new, easier to use, faster and stronger cure patch kit! This patch kit delivers unmatched performance, ease of use, and exceptional results.



Here's why our new patch kit stands out from the rest:

  • Easier to use - our previous patch kit was two part, mixing, longer cure time (about 90 min to 2 hr) - our new single part patch kit is just needs to be spread and cures in 15 minutes!
  • NO MORE CURE INHIBITION! This adhesive is not prone to the issue of cure inhibition like gramma’s old patch kit due to a different curing mechanism. Last patch kit was nearly impossible to guarantee a lack of cure inhibition given the number of variables that make cure inhibition happen with that type of silicone adhesive.
  • This kit is also skin safe certified, just like all materials Gramma uses in her sausages!
  • This one also has stronger bonding.

Gramma's Patch Kit

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Due to the intimate nature of our products, health and safety considerations, and because many items are custom made to order, we ARE NOT able to accept returns or exchanges. We encourage our customers to make educated and confident purchases. Please contact us prior to purchase if you have any questions regarding your items. If you are unsure on how to use a product, please contact us prior to ordering. Please check sizes to ensure these will work with your body and the clothing you expect to wear.

Ordering the wrong size or color of silicone products (packers, STP, dildos, etc) and/or clothing (underwear or harnesses), including items not living up to your expectations will not be a reason for us to accept a return for refund or exchange. If the product is damaged after your use of the product, we can not refund based on use nor your dissatisfaction. Customized and made to order products are always inspected before shipping to ensure it meets Gramma's high expectations of quality and matches the choices you made on the order.

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