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Fix your Packer in these common ways!

As of...right now, we transgenderd's have a couple of adhesives/packer repair kits out on the market. All of the ones Gramma is familiar with use one of these two methods for adhering silicone to silicone:

  1. Two-Part Silicone Adhesives (e.g. Gramma's Patch kit): There are two-part silicone adhesives available that provide strong bonds between silicone rubber and other materials. These adhesives typically consist of a base and a curing agent (e.g. "part a, part b") that are mixed together before application. They can be found from various manufacturers and are commonly used for bonding silicones.

  2. RTV Silicone Adhesives (e.g. Sil-poxy.): Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV) silicone adhesives are widely available and commonly used for general-purpose bonding and sealing applications. These adhesives cure at room temperature and form flexible, durable bonds. While not specifically formulated for silicone-to-silicone bonding, they can provide adhesion in certain scenarios (translation - not ALL RTV silicones will fix your packer! Believe Gramma - she's tried it lol).

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