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Not sure where to start?

Need to repair your packer? DIY with our Patch kit!

Basic (single-pour) Packers

If you're ballin' on a budget, customize your own
made-to-order single-pour basic packer!

Items in this section are customizable made-to-order basic packers.

Basic packers are single-pour and single-density prosthetics.

(If you're looking for fancier options like Gramma's F3+ formula, suspended testicles, and more - scroll up to our Standard made-to-order packer section.)

Click on a product to view example pics of what your packer could look like. Please understand the items in this section are not pre-made, so the pictures are just examples and do not represent your exact selections.

There is only one Gramma to make each and every packer with love, so she can only accept a limited amount of orders at a time.

Once you choose your selections and place your order, it will be entered into Gramma's queue and she will get to cookin' ASAP! 

You can expect your made-to-order items to ship within 8 weeks from the date the order was placed.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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Gramma's Frequently Asked Questions

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